five things I did this week to simplify

1. Cleaned out clutter-We had lots of snow and ice this week so we spent more time than usual at home. I decided it was time to go through cabinets and purge old/expired products such as makeup, cleaning products (especially the ones with harsh ingredients like bleach) and things we just don't use anymore.  I should have taken a "before" photo of our under the sink cabinet. It was hard to open the cabinet doors without having everything tumble out onto the floor.  So this was a definite improvement: 

(Not pictured: White vinegar, my favorite cleaning product.)

2. Rested easier- You know those things that you think about right before you go to sleep?  For me, it was remembering we needed to install a smoke/carbon monoxide detector in EEM's room (she has one right outside her bedroom door but since we tend to leave her door closed at night, we thought it was best to have one in the room with her.) Also, since our house was built prior to 1978, at least once a year we test for lead based paint. Since we were going to be iced in I stocked up on safety things to keep us occupied and help us sleep better at night:

3. Saved time-I need to do an entire post on this, but at the beginning of the year I started a new system to help minimize the amount of time I spend running errands (and impulse buying...Target, I'm looking at you.) So this week I made note of the things we were running low on- paper towels, toilet paper, Keurig cups and ordered them from Target.com using my debit red card to get free shipping/5% savings. (Another good option is Amazon Prime for the 2-day shipping.) I also finalized and reordered our next bundles from The Honest Company.  I am absolutely LOVING the products (I will do a review soon) and when I bundled them I realized I was actually saving money on similar items I was purchasing at Target. (The home essentials. Not the diapers.) Win win.

4. Conquered my to-do list-I used every spare minute this week to try to get things done that were hanging around on my to-do list, such as getting our air vents cleaned, making phone calls and getting this posted:

PS: As of yesterday, on The Honest Company's instagram account, it was confirmed that they are  in the process of making a deodorant. Cue the Hallelujah chorus. 

5. Had quiet time-Every day I try to read my devotional, pray and spend time journaling and reading the Bible. This helps to focus my day, it reminds me to be thankful and also of my purpose in life. (This is an old picture from instagram):

I am thankful for everything we were able to accomplish while snowed in, but I am definitely ready to see the sun!

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  1. love this! your productive week makes me grimace at how un-productive mine was! and please share the post about saving time!!