How to make a geo mesh wreath

This weekend I made my first geo mesh wreath. [Note-I think in other parts, they say 'deco' mesh.] I have admired them on doors around Louisville for months, since around here they don't have to be for Christmas, I have seen beautiful UofL, UK, birthday party wreaths, etc. [Google or Pinterest them, you will be amazed!] 

Here is the wreath I made for my niece's first birthday. She was born in December so she received a lot of "My first Christmas" ornaments that I incorporated.

To make my wreath, I got all of my supplies at Dee's crafts, mainly because yesterday was their open house and their geo mesh rolls were 40% off. [I had a little extra material left over that I am excited to incorporate into my Christmas tree.] I think I heard that Hobby Lobby also sells geo mesh, so for those of you who are not local, you may want to check your local store, and use a coupon!

Here are the supplies needed:
-Work wreath [pictured below]
-21" geo mesh, 8-10 yards
-Ribbon and embellishments to decorate your wreath

    Dee's had work wreaths in several colors. I would choose whatever will blend best with the geo mesh color/pattern you choose. Also, there are two different ways to make these wreaths-using the work wreath as pictured below, or you can also use a styrofoam ring and fabric pins (a little more advanced-click here to watch the youtube video that will walk you through that process). Here is the work wreath:
    Here is the geo mesh I chose, along with some coordinating ribbon:
    To get started, begin in the center of your wreath (then you will work around to the outside ring) gather one end of the geo mesh and attach to the work wreath by twisting two branches together like a bread-tie. Gather about 8-12" from the beginning and twist tie again. Continue gathering and twist tying until the enter inside is covered: 
    Then go to the outside and repeat. I wound up doing a lot of pulling and twisting at the end to hide the white work wreath. In hindsight, I would have probably chosen the red work wreath because it would have blended better. I am a perfectionist and did this process twice before I got my wreath just how I wanted it:
    Next up are the embellishments. Again, I encourage you to Google/Pinterest around to see all of the beautiful things people incorporate into their wreaths.

    Finished product:

    Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions! Also, there are lots of YouTube tutorials if you want to watch someone do the entire process from start to finish. Happy crafting! 


    1. Wow I am impressed, really beeeutiful! love your embellishments too! :~)
      If time allows this Holiday Season, I might just attempt one myself...

    2. Where did you purchase your scroll black wreath hanger? Very pretty.

    3. The wreath on the scroll black wreath hanger is a picture from pinterest. Sorry, I know that doesn't really help!

    4. Mardi Gras outlet has a really cute black wreath hanger. I think it was 14.00 and looked very impressive to me.